What are the hardware accessories in a shower room

What are the hardware accessories in a shower room

The shower room hardware accessories seem to be small and inconspicuous, but it is very important. It plays a big role in the fixing of the shower room. When buying a shower room, be sure to check whether the hardware accessories are complete, shower room accessories. What are you?

The shower room hardware is made of 59# copper and 304 stainless steel. 59# Copper is the best hardness and flexibility. It has strong bearing capacity. Although it has high cost, it can guarantee the performance and service life of the shower room. It will not appear on the surface black spots, foaming and delamination for long-term use. . As the best stainless steel in stainless steel, 304 stainless steel can be processed to achieve a mirror effect and has a strong metallic texture.

Next, the glass is examined, which is also determined by the quality of the frame. Good stainless steel can withstand 10mm, 12mm thick tempered glass. Good aluminum alloy can be used to grasp 8mm thick glass. The frame with poor force can only withstand 5m m, 6m thick glass, the safety is naturally lower. In terms of glass selection, automotive grade glass is superior in tempering, and the surface is very transparent, with no particles or pinholes. There is also an easy-to-clean glass. The shampoo and body wash are adhered to the top, and the water drops like a drop of water. It does not have a layer of gray dirt after long-term use of ordinary glass.

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